The Formula for #AmbitiousAdmins


As an ambitious admin I know you have a strong desire to achieve process efficiencies, and there is no better way to solve a specific business problem than to leverage the power of formulas in your Salesforce implementations. Formulas can be used in formula fields, workflow rules and validation rules, all of which are extremely powerful… how else can you ensure that a user can only enter data in to that FieldX if FieldY is NOT blank!?

In my experience, if you are in a role where you administer (or are just beginning to administer) salesforce in order to bring value to your organization, the quickest way to start getting some big wins is to fall in love with formulas. Immediately.

I am here to help you in your courtship with formulas. Maybe you have interacted with formulas before and it was not love at first sight, or maybe you have no idea that formulas exist (they have been sitting there admiring you from afar and you think they are creepy!). Or you could be somewhere in the middle, you have gone on some dates with formulas and understand they could be amazing but are having a hard time seeing past their crazy hair and overly structured energy.

No matter what your current relationship is with formulas, my sole goal is to help you see formulas in a new light…hopefully that perfect light where you look up and exclaim “Oh! How did I not see the beauty and power in formulas before!?”. This could be a lofty goal, but hey I am up for the challenge if you are!

So let’s get started!

In my preparation for the launch of the Admin to Admin Academy Video Podcast (launched in June 2015), it became clear that I need to lay down a foundation and some defined expectations in advance. Below is a summary of how the video podcast works and how you can get started right now:

1. We are building an app together in a free salesforce developer org. Practice makes perfect so you will be able to follow along and build the same app in your own org! So the first step is to go create a new free developer org at

2. Once you have your new dev org registered, log in and create the objects defined in this presentation (download the BMO Use Case here). Setting up the objects in your dev org to match mine will allow you to easily watch a video on the podcast and then quickly go practice on your own!

3. Join all the Trailblazer community

4. Start earning badges on