“What you do doesn’t make you happy, what you think does.”

For over a decade I have been spending most of my free time studying and practicing everything I can find on the topic of what I call “enlightenment”.  For me, enlightenment is many things:

  • Experiencing the pure power of reason, reality and presence
  • Understanding and constantly learning how the brain works
  • Spending time defining my life purpose, focusing on what I want to be doing a few years from now and constantly checking in with myself to see if those goals have changed and how I am doing toward getting there.
  • Having compassion for myself and everyone else in the world
  • Being the change I want to see in the world
  • Choosing to be awake and alive, never being on autopilot again
  • The belief that each person has a right to live their life exactly how they are living it, and as long as they are not hurting anyone else it is no-one else’s business. The belief that each person is exactly who they are supposed to be and what they do, say or how they live their life has absolutely nothing to do with me or anyone else. For example, my choice not to have children does not mean that I am judging a woman who does choose to have children. One person’s choice to do something or not to do something is mutually exclusive to judging another person on what they do. This is the process of getting past the thought that everyone else’s actions have something to do with me, almost nothing other people do is personal to me (it is about them not me 99.9% of the time).
  • Taking control of the thoughts I have by identifying them and choosing if they serve me or not
  • Knowing with unshakable certainty that there is a choice to how I respond in every single moment
  • How I feel about someone is the story I tell about them in my head, it has nothing to do with them. They are always just living their life, and then my story tells me how I feel about their business.
  • Recognizing when I am in someone else’s business, trying to live their life for them instead of staying in my business and living my life. When I live other people’s lives no-one is living my life.
  • Fully seeing the universe and all the galaxies within it, feeling the enormity of it all. The feeling of being a grain of sand on a planet that is spinning around in the middle of nowhere in a galaxy among billions of galaxies –to me that feeling is enlightenment because it puts things into a perspective that the little things really don’t matter at all. Literally all that matters is that I am here, alive and breathing and being part of this moment with all the other beautiful people and living things that exist. The one-ness of it all is my enlightenment.