We are Admins

Whether or not you have an official title of “salesforce admin” it doesn’t matter, if you are in an administrative role and are now starting to work with salesforce to bring efficiency to your organization then you are officially bringing value to your organization by protecting the investment being made in salesforce.  And it is absolutely key that you think of yourself as a gear turning in the middle of a huge machine. The more you understand how valuable you are and how you can continue to bring more and more value, the more successful you become in your career and in return the more success the organization inherits.

I started this website with a belief that if admins (any administrative assistant or other administrative role who are not necessarily officially salesforce admins) bring project management methodologies to their work they will inspire, organize and create the change in their organization that the executive team was dreaming about when they invested in salesforce.com. I started out in an administrative assistant role and feel that because I went to college for project management it was a game changer for me in my efforts to communicate what needs to happen to realize strategic decisions from management and to facilitate the changes with all the people within the organization. Process is only as useful as the people actually using it and finding value in it after all.

Bottom line, there is a huge need for companies that are investing in salesforce.com as their platform to have dedicated administrators that understand their business process and can work with technology. Period. So if you have the opportunity to be this person, you will have an extremely successful career.


The Salesforce Ecosystem Will Add $272B to Local Economies Through 2018. #AwesomeAdmins are a huge part of this equation.

We are stronger when united. We are more knowledgeable when connected. We are more successful when collaborating. A solo admin can move huge rocks, but an army of admins can move mountains. You are not alone, join the community and see how many of us there are, and check out Admin.Salesforce.com for awesome news and important information for all admins!

Melissa VanDyke (MVD): Salesforce MVP: Sr. Consultant @GearsCRM
Melissa VanDyke (@MVDSFDC): Salesforce MVP: Solutions Architect @GearsCRM