“What you do doesn’t make you happy, what you think does.”

Professional and personal growth have always been my favorite topics. As long as I can remember I have been obsessed with how to master my craft, as a professional and as a person.
I am known as a person who might be seen aggressively badgering a teenager about what their dreams and goals are while hanging out at a wedding, or a funeral, or anywhere I might meet someone who is just starting out their journey of professional and personal growth! I also love talking to people who are changing their career or are not sure how to make the most of their current career path. The art of finding the possible, noticing the options, and choosing something on purpose is my passion.
I want to share my story and some wisdom that I have gathered over the years with the hope that I can inspire at least one person to live on purpose. I am not going to tell you that you should follow your passion, or only do what you love. Although, that is not horrible advise.
In my experience though, just doing what you do at the best of your ability and never just being a cog in the wheel (meaning, it is your choice to bring something extra to the table or not to), is enough to propel anyone to make more money and succeed at their highest level. It is not about the work, it is about the mindset of the work you are doing. If you believe you are just a cog in the wheel, you will be miserable; if you believe you have a choice in how you show up for your work you will be successful and happy.