Investigating Change with Salesforce Professionals

As Salesforce professionals, we understand the importance of making transformative changes in organizations. However, rolling out change is never easy. What are the greatest struggles you experience in this process?

I have learned that people aren’t really scared of change, they are scared of the unknown and an Agent of Change works to help make the unknown less fuzzy.

At the end of the day, the companies we work with need to deliver value to their customers. They have to engage in initiatives and projects throughout the year to deliver that value over time as different outcomes are necessary.

No matter what your official role is within an organization, you are an important variable in play that will either help deliver baseline expected value or help deliver added-value!

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” – Stephen R. Covey

An Agent of Change:

  • is curious about the potential instead of just focusing on what the ask is
  • does everything they can to bring clarity to a complex (or unclear) goal
  • focuses on what they can control now, and next, and next…
  • communicates clearly and collaborates without having to be asked
  • helps their team/co-workers/clients to focus on and define the right next actions
  • embraces a shared vision everyone can rally around by focusing on desired outcomes
  • has a plan and is intentional
  • understands influence and shows up with authentic intentions and curiosity

As Salesforce professionals we leverage the best platform available for implementing transformative change at organizations, this change is never easy and there are endless opportunities for us to level-up and step-up how we show-up. Bringing value is the name of the game, and while we all can understand just how vague this is — embracing the concept of being an Agent of Change can start to bring clarity around it!

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