Investigating Change: Workshop 1

We hear about “values” and “authenticity” all the time, and they always suggest a person’s “character” or “influence” on television. But have you ever really sat down and thought about what all of these different terms mean? And have you ever considered how these things might relate to implementing successful change for our companies and customers?

While they are all similar, I also find there are very distinct nuances between them. Considering the differences and how they layer and combine with each other has helped me pull them into my reality instead of keeping them as abstract concepts.

The below details have been structured as if we were doing a live workshop together, so you can take the opportunity to experience each of the exercises for yourself if you would like!

Values: Consider what is behind the decisions you make, when you get upset what values are not being honored in that moment? Where is your attention naturally, and what filters do you use to make the “right” decision for you in each moment of your life (work is a big part of our life but consider all parts of you in your list).

Here are some of my top values as examples to help you get going:

  • Ownership and accountability (for myself and others)
  • Transparency and honesty (grounded in respect and love)
  • Life-long-learning and open-mindedness
  • Being there and spending time with family
  • Focusing on possibilities (information, options, choice)
  • Sharing and collaborating

Authenticity: Consider if your actions, what you are putting into the world, align with your values or not. The more alignment you have, the more people can naturally tell that you are being genuine and authentic. Sometimes people confuse “being me” with “saying and doing whatever I feel in the moment”.. but if something is more emotional or just an in the moment feeling, and upon further inspection the action would go against your values, then keeping that to yourself isn’t hiding your true self. It is when we don’t act in accordance with our values that we are hiding!

Character: Consider asking yourself “What are people getting when they interact with me”. This is the sum of all the qualities that make you who you are: your values, your thoughts, your words, and your actions.

When I journal about this topic, I like to think about “what type of experiences are happening around me because I am there as part of this situation”. Are things going smoother, am I getting people to think differently, am I drumming up good conversations and providing a safe space for brainstorming, am I holding people accountable and getting good vibes from that with this group?

Influence: Mix all the above together! When you work with someone, you are using a mix of your character and your skills/talents along with the level of genuine authenticity you are showing up with that people can feel.

We have all met people who feel fake, or feel like they are not interested in what we have to say, or just don’t have a point of view they share. Even the most shy or introverted person has a clear voice when they are showing-up fully. This is not about “being an influencer” or “playing politics” … this is about being the most You that you can be and showing-up with all you have … and that will make a huge difference in successfully helping facilitate change!

In conclusion, after you have completed brainstorming on the above topics, the only way to generate some momentum is to decide what the one action you will do differently tomorrow will be. One small action leads to another and another, and soon you will have gathered a lot of information around what works and what doesn’t for you!

Every person is different, there is no magic playbook that works for everyone- because we are all uniquely who we are. And since successfully rolling out and adopting change is a people business at the roots (not tech, not process)… the more we all show up and bring our unique point of view, intentions and skills without hiding the better things go!