I believe


I believe each person is exactly who they are supposed to be. I don’t fight the reality of who I am or who others are. We all play our part. Life is good and life is bad, life is sad and wonderful and beautiful and ugly. There is no changing this.

That is not to say I don’t believe we have the power to change things we don’t like. I know that any possibility could become the new reality one day. But right now… at this moment, it is one way, and I don’t fight that reality.

I believe everything is better when I am fully in the present moment. I believe when I am present I am able to fully live in reality instead of the story I am telling in my head. The story I tell myself is always much different than the reality. Reality simply exists, the story is what makes me feel something. This is good news because that means I have full control over changing (or dropping) the story I am telling myself.

Of course, I can’t do this if I am not present. In the moment. Right. Now.

That is why step one is being present, fully choosing to live right now in this moment instead of being on autopilot. From this advantage point, nothing anyone says or does really matters because it is not personal. It is simply part of this moment, and it becomes clear that other people are just living their lives and are not really thinking about me every second. 

Everything else comes as a result of this. All the beautiful possibilities of making great change in the world. Impacting others in a positive way. Creating something beautiful. Whether we are looking for a career change, a promotion, a raise in salary, more happiness, more control in our career path and life journey, it is all possible!

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