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Don’t we all tend to live our life like we are the center of everyone else’s universe? The thoughts that go through our minds only make sense if we believe everyone else is always thinking about us too.  This is obviously ridiculous, but our brains are wired this way for some reason. I believe the work to figure out how to actively catch these thoughts, so we can remind ourselves that other people’s worlds do not revolve around us, is a critical step toward freedom and peace because it gives us the freedom to be more of ourselves instead of trying to put ourselves in some box that doesn’t really exist.

I have to admit now, that professional and personal growth is my jam! For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with how the brain works, the behavioral sciences (neural and social), and maximizing potential as an individual and as a team.

I love talking with people who are wanting to show up and level up either in their career in technology, or who are changing their career to move into technology! I believe in a world where we figure out how to mass onboard people into the amazing world of Salesforce, business analyses, customer success, and process improvement. We are all customers and consultants in this field, and I am going to talk about everything I know and everything I am curious about. Simply put, there are more jobs than we can fill out there, and I know there are so many people who want to break in and who want to level up but just don’t know where to start.

My constant mantras are: I choose to focus on my circle of influence; if I am not failing I am not trying; my thoughts don’t define me -only my actions do (although my thoughts make me happy or miserable and drive my action or inaction), and to never hold back on “being more me”.

My winding career path is unique to me. Yours is very unique to you. No path is the same. It is impossible. There are really no rules, there is no one who is “better than you” – there are people who have experienced more, failed more, made more moves, put themselves out there more, talked to more people, was more openly curious… but everyone is just figuring it out as they go.

Being scared, and taking action anyway, is the secret.

xoxo, MVD

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