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7 Quick Win Examples for Admins

I started my career as a waitress, then an administrative temp, an administrative assistant, and later found myself on a path to being an executive assistant with a process improvement focus/specialty. When I began leveraging the platform as my go-to solution to help solve people’s problems (and turning into a business analyst), I found […]

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The 8 Steps to Managing Successful Salesforce Projects

This is a high-level representation of the project lifecycle that I have found to be the most effective in managing successful projects. To download the full ebook and project template that goes along with these 8 steps subscribe to the mailing list now! Step Deliverable 1. Current state Identify the business owners of the current […]

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Salesforce Admins are Employee-preneurs

One of my favorite ways to pass the time is to reflect on the choices and events of my life that have lead me to this point. It is fascinating that so many specific choices had to come into play for me to end up right here, right now. The reason I do this is always because I […]

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The Dirty Laundry Project

Not the “don’t deal with your personal problems while other people are around” kind of dirty laundry, but the “let’s clean some cloths” kind! To get us started, it is important we review the official definition of a project: the Project Management Institute defines a project as “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique […]

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The Formula for #AmbitiousAdmins

As an ambitious admin I know you have a strong desire to achieve process efficiencies, and there is no better way to solve a specific business problem than to leverage the power of formulas in your Salesforce implementations. Formulas can be used in formula fields, workflow rules and validation rules, all of which are extremely powerful… […]

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Documenting Requirements is a Requirement

You went through all the work to understand what your stakeholders and subject matter experts (the “troops”) need for your new project (the ” business requirements”), and you never documented them… so you ended up spending a lot of time undoing some of what you did and re-working other pieces of what you did. Sound familiar? […]

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Mind your PB&Js

As a administrator, we are constantly implementing new processes for our organizations. To start a new project off right, it is crucial that we take the time to interview the right people (and allow them all to contribute!) and clearly identify and document where their pain points are within the process. UPATE SEPTEMBER 2015: I presented on this topic […]

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Administrative Support to Administration

Welcome to my first post introducing the Admin to Admin Academy series! It is dedicated to people interested in making the move from an administrative support role to a Administrator. As administrative support staff, we are constantly asked to wear many hats. It is in our job description to figure out the impossible and make it […]

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Events unplanned and not by chance

I by no means sat down and planned out these events. And they most certainly did not happen to me completely by chance. Somewhere in the middle it seems there is this third way of being, where we just open our mind and start responding to life with an intentional flow toward our goals.  Engaging the part of […]

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Bringing all the troops to the project

Writing a use case is an ideal way of getting organized and making sure you are not missing any key components for the deliverable you are working on. Going through the exercises outlined below for any project you take on will help in many ways, the most important being: (A) transferring everything from your head to […]