August 13, 2017 Melissa VanDyke 0 Comment AmbitiousAdmin

My SFDC Heroes

Mike Gerholdt the ButtonClick Admin!

Of course the ButtonClick Admin is first on my list! This was the very first website that appeared in my very first Google search when I first started administering! I haven’t stopped following his blog and podcast ever since!

David Liu at SFDC99

David taught me how to write my first apex trigger! His approach to teach coding lessons for the average admin is simply brilliant. He took the time to ensure the flow of his beginner course was perfect for the average admin. The course content is written to help make connections for the student that would otherwise be extremely complicated to understand. He also posts video classes which are fabulous! Check the beginner class out here.

Women Code Heroes

The posts on this blog solidified and applied the concepts I learned from David Liu’s SFDC99 tutorials. Want to solidify your understand around APEX? Want to jump into coding? The Women Admin Heroes blog really helps you in bringing APEX concepts with real life activities such as cooking and can make something click in your brain so you can start writing code like a pro!

Automation Champion by Rakesh Gupta

Automation Champion is the first place I go when I need to find extremely clear how-to documentation on implementing a new feature in my environment. His blog is extremely detailed and covers many topics, there is something to learn for everyone working with!

The AdminHero

Brent Downey, the AdminHero, keeps it real. He is committed to posting consistent content that can enhance the life of an admin, he knows his audience really well and has a great sense of humor! His page is 100% dedicated to new admins.

Geoff’s EXPLOITEDDEVORGS Extremely Creative Blog

Geoff’s point of view is extremely creative! He builds apps using free salesforce developer orgs and posts his planning process live for you to see how he works through the solution. He also uses humor and great pictures to get his point across, I highly recommend checking out his site and taking advantage of the free dev orgs right away!

Steve Molis (aka SteveMo)

SteveMo is a celebrity in the community. He helps so many people through his work on the community question boards, his (thousands) of answers are extremely detailed and never fail to point the user in the right direction. Thank you for helping all of us admins at some point in our lives Steve!!