Events unplanned and not by chance

by I by no means sat down and planned out these events. And they most certainly did not happen to me completely by chance. Somewhere in the middle it seems there is this third way of being,

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I by no means sat down and planned out these events.

And they most certainly did not happen to me completely by chance.

Somewhere in the middle it seems there is this third way of being, where we just open our mind and start responding to life with an intentional flow toward our goals.  Engaging the part of ourselves that wants to say “yes” to interesting opportunities instead of giving in to that part that says “no… [enter our default excuse/belief system here]“, might just be the difference between living our remarkable life and our average life.

I am excited to share with you my recent experiences, exactly as they happened, with the hope that it might inspire you in some way:

  1. Attended the three hour Tony Robbins Keynote at the Dreamforce 14′ (October 2014) conference, where the idea to start responding to life with an intentional flow toward my primary goal came to me (it was during the meditation part of this event).
  2. Defined my “primary goal”: “I will find a way to create something and put it out there into the world to share.”
  3. Started listening to The Life Coach School podcast with Brooke Castillo
  4. Started re-reading Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” and listening to his new “Money Game” book on audible
  5. A friend emailed me an amazing happy new year note that made me cry (super sweet), it mentioned how she wanted to start a blog and that we should talk about ideas and would I think that life coaching sounds interesting because she was reading a lot about this field!? I hadn’t talked to her in almost 6 months, so I couldn’t believe we were both having the same exact thoughts.
  6. Took a course on life coaching, then took another
  7. Took a course on how to make $10k a month using Youtube
  8. Started listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast with Pat Flynn
  9. Took a course on how to make money creating Udemy training videos, then took another
  10. Purchased and started reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker
  11. Actually completed the first exercise in Millionaire Mind (you know those exercises when the author tells you to do something and you usually pretend to do it).
  12. Received an email from my friend (the same one) asking if I had ever heard of this company called Fizzle on the SAME EXACT DAY that I had heard about Fizzle on Pat Flynn’s podcast– she had never heard of Pat Flynn before, that was the first thing I asked her (but now she is an adoring fan too!)! We took this as a sign and both signed up for immediately and began taking their online courses and listening to their podcast (game changer!)
  13. Wrote out a couple ideas of my business plan/blog topics. I knew it would be related and I had an idea of my audience but really was not sure what my product would be or how I could start defining what my value would be to the community ( has a one page business plan template, it allows you to focus on all the parts that are important to think through a new idea).
  14. Finally decided I wanted my domain to be my actual name so I purchased it along with a hosting package — and all using Inmotion Hosting, with the discount code from perks!
  15. My Friend came to visit and we had a 2 day brainstorming session to iron out our ideas and plans. We came away with a framework around our products, audience definition and a solid list of action items.
  16. Started designing my website on WordPress and writing the content for my blog (this took me a full weekend to finalize — there are so many cool plug-ins!!). My first post was completed on Sunday night March 1, 2015.
  17. Now writing my second post (this)!
“Between stimulus and response is our greatest power – the freedom to choose” -Stephen R. Covey

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