September 20, 2015 Melissa VanDyke 0 Comment

Core Salesforce Project Plan Template_MVDSFDC

Core Salesforce Project Plan Template_MVDSFDC

This is a WORD document. It is a PROJECT PLAN TEMPLATE. It is for you to download and use now!

It is a quick start guide to help you plan your initial implementation of salesforce as a CRM (or any other Salesforce project you are working on for that matter!). I call it the “Core CRM Project Plan”. Project Management Methodologies help us keep our focus and know what our next steps are!

This can be an #AwesomeAdmin’s super power, think about this template as a structure you can use for any project. It helps the voice in the back of your head from screaming “AHHHHHH another major SFDC project how am I going to get through this one successfully!?”… it is the secret weapon you keep in your back pocket 🙂

**this document is under creative commons licensing so please feel free to edit them and use them as your own w/attribution back to me**