Big News

Girly Geek of the Week: Melissa VanDyke (via sassyforce November 2015)

I’m the (Kevin) Bacon of the Salesforce Community – Introducing MVD (via ericforcefield in October 2015)

Admin to Admin Academy with Melissa VanDyke (interviewed on the  ButtonClick Admin Podcast in April 2015)

Origins: The Story of Melissa VanDyke (featured on in April 2015)

How Orbitz Used Business Apps to Optimize CRM Results (featured on the Salesforce Blog in July 2014)

Efficiency in Real Time: An Orbitz Success Story (featured on the DocuSign Blog in July 2014)


(Click the links to download any of these presentations as a PDF!)

Dreamforce 2015:

The 5 Key Steps to Documenting Process Like a Rock Star!  (download deck)

Watch the full video (5 Key Steps to Documenting Process Like a Rock Star and minding your PB&Js) here now!

Workflow Rule Formulas as a Gateway to Coding (download deck)

Watch full video here (Workflow Rule Formulas as a Gateway to Coding)!

Midwest Dreamin’ June 2015:

The 8 Steps to Leading Successful Salesforce Projects (full 40 minute breakout session)!

Chicago World Tour April 2015:

Level Up Your Career: The 8 Steps to Leading Successful Projects in the Admin Zone Theater (20 minutes)